about Cierra

From the culture, for the culture. Forever.

My love for people, sports and staying up on the latest in culture has fueled my career path. Inspiring people to give a damn excites me. I love discovering what gets people going and what makes them tick. In doing what I naturally like to do, I’ve carved out a career as a strategist.

I integrate brands in culture in a way that services my client and the people who make up culture. If people don’t give a damn then the work was for nothing.

Everybody has to win, not just the client.

My ultimate career goal is to be the chief marketing officer of the NBA. My love for sports runs deep. Don’t get me started on my Lakers, Steelers, or the University of Louisville. It is something about competition and the fandom that comes with it that energizes me. No matter the sport, it is incredibly likely that I’m watching— if not attending live.

For me, it’s the 4th quarter everyday. And I’m eager to bring passion and perspective to every table I’ve earned a seat at. The culture depends on it.



Let’s chat and laugh together.



Cierra is a student of the people, and to have that level of curiosity and inherent understanding of what makes good strategy is exactly why she’s a rising star.

She understands that people don’t invite brands into their houses, they invite people; that lens frames how she produces insights, and that kind of thinking makes her an asset on any team.

She has a point of view, is a dope person in real life, but more importantly, is a sponge that’s eager to learn and grow. In short, she’s a keeper. I really miss working with her and the intelligence, humility and positive attitude she brings into every situation.
— Wells Davis, CSO of David & Goliath
Working with Cierra has been one of the most enjoyable parts of my career. She brings an honest truth to strategy that is refreshing and unique.

Her understanding of cultural issues has been a tremendous value to the work that we have done together and fundamental in our creative successes. Her passion is immeasurable, her smile is infectious and her hunger to dig deep is undeniable. She is one of a kind and I feel beyond lucky to have her on my team.
— Casey Diehl, Creative Director at TracyLocke
Cierra has the drive and ambition of ten strategists. And the passion of a hundred. She works hard, she’s insightful, and maybe most importantly she’s collaborative, working closely with creative teams to make great things happen.
— Lance Koenig, Global Strategy Director at the Martin Agency


MY promise

I promise to bring passion and perspective to the team. Superstars have their rightful place and we should all inspire to be that, but I promise to be the sixth man and reinvigorate the team when it feels like we’re losing our grip. 

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